Award for Our Tower

This morning I was notified that Westheimer Air Traffic Control Tower is to be the next recipient of the Willie F. Card Contract Tower Service Award. This award is presented annually to the FAA contract tower that most closely mirrors Willie’s vision of what the contract tower program exemplifies. This vision embodied providing excellent air traffic control services, both from a safety and customer service perspective, to all stakeholders in the local aviation community, with a professional and courteous attitude. It is quite an honor for Westhiemer Tower to be selected for this award out of 253 contract towers in the continental United States. I am proud to say that our controllers have flawlessly handled the mixture of heavy student pilot training and pleasure aircraft combined with light to moderate mix of business and military traffic on a daily basis with a professional attitude that is second to none. The award ceremony will be conducted at the Annual FAA/AAAE/USCTA Contract Tower Workshop, June 22-23, 2016, at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Walt Strong, A.A.E.
University of Oklahoma
Max Westheimer Airport
1700 Lexington Ave., Suite 212
Norman, OK 73069

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1700 Lexington Ave
Norman, OK 73069

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0700 - 2200 Local

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